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Professional AAC Block Vertical Cutting Machine For Fly Ash Block Plant

Professional AAC Block Vertical Cutting Machine For Fly Ash Block Plant

Brand Name : MINGJIE
Model Number : CZQGJ-0001
Certification : ISO9001:2008
Place of Origin : CHINA
Price : negotiable
Payment Terms : T/T or L/C
Supply Ability : 30pcs/year
Delivery Time : 45days after deposit
Packaging Details : Standard export packing
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AAC Vertical Cutting Machine AAC Block Cutting Machine For Fly Ash Block Plant


JQF-4B autoclave aerated concrete cutter is a product of JQF-4 series, develop from moving cutting to constant power cutting, the cutter set is composed of four systems: longitudinal (horizontal) cutter, traverse cutter, cutting car and rails.

1. Cutting mode:

After the poured blocks are turned over for ninety degrees in the air, hoisted to the cutting car and stripped off the mould frame, then the cutting car carried it to the longitudinal cutter and the traverse cutter position, and the longitudinal cutter and the traverse cutter will cut them on six sides. First of all, the longitudinal cutter cut the block longitudinally and horizontally on four sides. When this operation is completed, the cutting car will carry the block stay under the traverse cutter position, so that the block is cut vertically on the remaining two sides by the traverse cutter. After cutting is finished, the block will also carried by the cutting car to the position under semi-finished hoisting tool , then the semi-finished hoisting tool will hoisted the block to the steaming and curing wheelbarrow. Then the car will go back quickly ,carry the block for the next cutting mould. Cutting cycle is less than seven minutes.

2. Function of each system

a) Longitudinal cutter : Its function is to cut the block on the car on four sides (the two lateral sides and the top and bottom surfaces). After cutting, the block will have a size of 600 mm wide and 1200 mm high. At the same time, horizontal cutting will be performed according to the specifications of the product (height or width). In addition, necessary keyways will be milled on both ends of the block.
b) Traverse cutter : Its function is to cut the block on two ends so that the block after cutting will be the require length. At the same time, vertical cutting (from tom to bottom) will be performed in the middle of the block according to the specifications and the thickness of the product.
c) The cutting car is a special carrier for carrying the blocks to the cutting position.
d) The rails are special tracks for the cutting car.

3. Major technical specifications

a) Longitudinal cutter:
i. Maximum overall dimensions:
6028 mm (long) × 2870 mm (wide) × 2550 mm (high without any load)
ii. Mass: 3957 kg
iii. Diameters of the cutting wires:
Horizontal cutting: φ0.5 mm
Longitudinal cutting: φ0.8 mm

b) Traverse cutter:
Maximum overall dimensions:
5100 mm (long) × 2830 mm (wide) × 3525 mm (high )
i.Mass: 6727kg
ii.Speed reducer for vertical cutting:
Type: SKZN34C20T2, Quantity: 1
Form of assembly: b03
Drive ratio: i=20
Type: DEJ112MH-4G, Quantity: 1
Power: 4 kW Speed: 1420 rpm
Time needed for moving up and down: single way upward: 73 s, downward; 48.5 s
iii. Speed reducer for the drive:
Type: SKZH64C22.4i13 (R1) Quantity: left and right side one apiece
Drive ratio: 22.4
iv. Cutting swing (traverse cutting)
Stepless speed reducer:
Type: MBW-40Y-3W1, Quantity: 1
Scope of speed regulation: 200 – 1000 rpm
Motor: Y2-100L1-4 Quantity: 1
Power: 3 kw Speed: 1430 rpm
v.Amplitude of swing: 7.5 mm
vi.Diameter of the cutting wire: φ0.8 mm

c) Cutting car
i.Maximum overall dimensions:
ii.Mass: 660kg
iii.Speed reducer for the move:
Type: BWN13-43-4 Cycloidal pinwheel speed reducer
Motor: Retropack
Power: 4 kw

4. Structure:

The main parts in the longitudinal cutter, traverse cutter and cutting car are all made of square or rectangular steel tubes. They feature high rigidity, long service lives, simple structure, easy installation and convenient adjustment.
a) The longitudinal cutter includes the following parts: portal frame, cross beam, vertical beam, cutting shaft, washing tank, longitudinal cutting wires, horizontal cutting wire, wire tensioning devices, etc.
b) The traverse cutter includes the following parts: portal frame, traverse cutting frame, bottom beam, guide shaft (its guide sleeve is a specially made lubricated bearing that needs no further lubrication), dual swinging devices for traverse cutting, drive unit for vertical cutting (up and down movement driven by sprocket and chain) and cutting wire.
c) The cutting car includes the following parts: bodywork, cutting frame, wheel and moving device. Its movement driven by speed reducer, use chain for the traction.

5. Operation

a) The cutting wires on the longitudinal cutter are stretched tight by the tensioning device so as to eliminate any possible slack. The front and rear cutting wires or cutting knives are positioned on either side. The front cutting wire serves to cut off the surplus material from the block while the rear cutting wire serves for trimming so that the accuracy of the 600 mm wide block can be maintained.
Horizontal cutting falls into five grades. The cutting wire cuts into the block at a tilted angle of 39°48’. The first advantage of such an arrangement is to allow the block to sink down horizontally in a stable way after the cutting and prevent any possible cracks on the block. Its second advantage is to prevent the block from collapse after the cutting is finished.
Each set of wires are provided with accurate scale positioning to guarantee good accuracy of the product.

b) When the block stop at the traverse cutting pisition, the traverse cutting begin cutting, its cutting process as follows: Vertical and traverse cutting will be done synchronously. Vertical cutting, driven by the SKZN34C20T2 speed reducer, will move from top to bottom. The speed reducer of the drive unit will drive the sprocket into operation so that the cutting frame moves up and down to complete the movement of vertical cutting.
Traverse cutting is driven by the MBW-40Y-3W1 speed reducer. The swinging device composed of an eccentric unit drives the cutting wire to make a reciprocal motion to complete the movement of vertical cutting. The cutting wires on both ends will cut the block to a require length. In the middle the block will be cut according to product specifications.
Each set of cutting wires are tensioned by leaf springs and their accuracy is marked by measuring scales.
The cutting time for each mould (up and down) is 121.5 seconds.

c) The cutting car is a special carrier of carrying the blocks for cutting. Its come-and-go movements driven by speed reducer,. When the sprocket wheel running, the chain moving, so the car moving.

6. Assembly:

Based on a frame structure, big parts like the longitudinal cutter ,the traverse cutter and cutting car are already assembled and tested before they are delivered ex works. What needs to be assembled on site just includes a small number of loose parts that have to be taken down due to shipping reasons.

a) Longitudinal cutter
Install the cutting wire, switch on the gas line.
Traverse cutter
Install the cutting wire, switch on the power supply of the speed reducer.
c) Cutting car
Put the cutting car on the rail, first of all, install traction chain rail, then connect the traction chain with the both sides of the cutting car, switch on the power supply of the speed reducer, after these works, the cutting car can be running at the moment.

7. Trial running, trial cutting and adjustment

a) Trial running
Make sure that the four sets of wheels are able to run smoothly without any jerking when the cutting car running on the rail..

b) Trial cutting and adjustment
Do a cutting and if the accuracy is found to be very bad, adjust the position of the cutting wires in reference to the scales.
i.Longitudinal cutter:
Horizontal errors can be rectified with up and down adjustment. The dividing modulus is 5 mm (if necessary it is possible to mount the cutting shaft in such a way that up and down adjustment are possible. For errors in longitudinal cutting (600 mm), adjustment can be made by moving the longitudinal cutting wire or knife rightward or leftward.
ii.Traverse cutter
Leftward or rightward adjustment can be done. The dividing modulus is 10 mm.
For swinging speed, adjustment can be made with the MBW-40Y-3W1 speed reducer. Take care that adjustment can be done only at the time of starting.

8. Maintenance

a)Daily care

i.Be sure to remove all the waste materials at every place at the end of each shift.
ii.Clean the cutting wires, the scales , the sprocket wheel and the chain with a rag and remove all dust and dirt.
iii.Set all the cutting wires loose.
iv.Lubricate all the speed reducers once a week.
v.Check periodically the level of the lubricating oil in al the speed reducers. If the oil level is found to be lower than the marking, re-fill oil in good time.
Use #90 industrial gear oil for lubricating the sprocket.
Use #90 industrial gear oil for lubricating the SKZN34C speed reducer.
Use Ub-1 or Ub-3 traction liquid for lubricating the MBW stepless speed reducer.
vi.Time interval for replacing the traction liquid in the MBW stepless speed reducer: first time after working 500 hours; second time after working 1000 hours; then after every 2000 working hours.


Tighten all fasteners that have got loose and replace all damaged components

9. Safety

a)Check the power supply carefully before production starts to prevent power leakage. Check the cutting wires and replace any damaged ones.
b)Be sure to switch off the power at the end of each shift after production is finished.
c)If any cutting wire gets broken in the process of production, stop the machine at once and then replace the broken wire. Do not allow anybody to stand within the boundaries of cutting.

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